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Product Price List

This is a list of products with their retail and bulk prices.
Bulk pricing applies to orders of 20 or more bars or slices.

Trial Pack - Bars and Slices

If you are wanting to experience first hand the flavour, texture, energy and satisfaction from each of the products in my range, this is an opportunity for you to try one of each of 14 bars and 17 slices at the bulk price as well as a single serve of Nutri-Blast nutrition powder (if available).
In the trial pack you will receive one each of:

Bars Slices
Core Bars: Acai Berry Slice
Energy Booster Bar Apple Slice
Premium Energy Bar Apricot Slice
Nutrition Booster Bar Cacao Slice
Peak Nutrition Bar Cherry Slice
eXtreme Nutrition Bar Choc Chip Slice
Bug-Out Bar ChocoFruit Rocky Road Slice
Special Purpose Bars: Chocolate and Macadamia Rocky Road Slice
HiProtein Bar ChocoNut Slice
Low FODMAPs Bar Coconut and Macadamia Slice
MAX Nutrition Bar Cranberry Slice
Marathon Bar Goji Berry Slice
Nut-Free Energy Bar Intense Desire Slice
NutriBlast Vegan Bar Mango Slice
Thin and Satisfied (Weight Loss/Diet/Diabetic) Bar Nut Slice
Vegan Bar Raspberry Slice
A single serve of NutriBlast Nutrition Powder Strawberry Slice

If there is an item you particularly want or don’t want included, let me know. The cost for this is $202 including postage and handling to anywhere in Australia.

For shipment to other countries, drop me an email for pricing. The cost is often the same as the extra postage cost to ship overseas is compensated for by me not having to pay our consumption tax - GST - on overseas purchases.

Trial Pack - Bars

This is an opportunity for you to try my 14 energy/nutrition bars at the bulk price.
In this trial pack you will receive:

Core Bars Special Purpose Bars
Energy Booster Bar HiProtein Bar
Premium Energy Bar Low FODMAPs Bar
Nutrition Booster Bar MAX Nutrition Bar
Peak Nutrition Bar Marathon Bar
eXtreme Nutrition Bar Nut-Free Energy Bar
Bug-Out Bar NutriBlast Vegan Bar
Thin and Satisfied (Weight Loss/Diet/Diabetic) Bar
A single serve of Nutri-Blast Nutrition Powder (if available) Vegan Bar

The cost for this Trial Pack is $117 including postage and handling within Australia.

For shipment to other countries, drop me an email for pricing.

Trial Pack - Slices

This is an opportunity for you to try 17 tasty slices at the bulk price.
In the trial pack you will receive one each of:

  • Acai Berry Slice
  • Apple Slice
  • Apricot Slice
  • Cacao Slice
  • Cherry Slice
  • Choc Chip Slice
  • ChocoFruit Rocky Road Slice
  • Chocolate and Macadamia Rocky Road Slice
  • ChocoNut Slice
  • Coconut and Macadamia Slice
  • Cranberry Slice
  • Goji Berry Slice
  • Intense Desire Slice
  • Mango Slice
  • Nut Slice
  • Raspberry Slice
  • Strawberry Slice

The cost for this Trial Pack is $100 including postage and handling to anywhere in Australia.

For shipment to other countries, drop me an email for pricing.

NutriBlast Core Nutrition/Protein Powders

To go to the page for a product, click on the product name. To purchase the product, click the Select Rate drop down to choose to buy 1 or to pay less by buying more then click Add to Cart.

NutriBlast Greens+ 400 grams

Select rate:

NutriBlast Greens+ Vegan 400 grams

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NutriBlast Specialty Nutrition/Protein Powders

Over the holiday break in Jan 2014 I spent some time looking for ingredients proven or reputed to have benefits for different non-optimum health conditions from which several people I know suffer. I have now made a blend full of ingredients that I would take for each of those conditions.

I do not have the budget of a big pharmaceutical company. I have not spent millions doing top notch trials with thousands of people to be able to say with scientific certainty what chance you have of each of my specialty blends solving a particular health problem for you.

What I can tell you is this. The US Surgeon General had enough data and conviction to state that 8 of the top 10 causes of death relate directly to poor nutrition. Note he did not say that they died due to a lack of the right drug. He said they died of nutritional deficiencies.

What I am hoping to do with my powders is remedy nutritional deficiencies. I cannot guarantee they will do that for you. If for no other reason that you may have a condition preventing the absorption of nutrients that needs to be remedied first.

That is why it is important you seek the advice of a practioner skilled and sxperienced in resolving health problems with nutrition.

Detox 400 grams

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Diabetes 400 grams

Select rate:

Digest Easy 400 grams

Select rate:

Hypertension 400 grams

Select rate:

Immune 400 grams

Select rate:

Memory & Intelligence 400 grams

Select rate:

Men’s 400 grams

Select rate:

Mother’s 400 grams

Select rate:

Sleep 400 grams

Select rate:

Weight Loss 400 grams

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Energy and Nutrition Bars

Core Range

The difference between the bars in my core range is simply number of ingredients and strength of flavour. As I learned more about the incredible health benefits of different ingredients and added more and more ingredients to my list and created bars that delivered a wider range of nutrients, some people said they would prefer a less strongly flavoured bar, could they keep buying the prior version. So I now have 6 core burs.

I also have 8 bars for specific purposes. More about them below.

You are welcome to order as many or as few as you like. If you order 20 or more bars/slices at one time (in any combination) you are entitled to bulk pricing.

energy booster bar

Select rate

premium energy bar

Select rate

nutrition booster bar

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peak performance bar

Select rate

eXtreme nutrition bar

Select rate

bug-out bar

Select rate

Purpose Specific Bars

Each of the following bars were designed to satisfy a specific nutritional need or accommodate a dietary restriction.

hiprotein bar

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low FODMAPs bar

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marathon bar

Select rate

MAX nutrition bar

Select rate

nut-free energy booster bar

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NutiBlast vegan bar

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Thin & Satisfied weight loss bar

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vegan bar

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This is the delicious part of the Healthelicious range. Not that some of the bars don’t taste good, it’s just that these slices taste from OK to sensational! (Depending on your taste buds.) You’ll eat my food bars for the health benefits - the nutritional content and energy level boost - whereas my slices satisfy your sweet tooth without having loads of sugar and other things we don’t want in our body.

As well as tasting great you will be pleased to know that they are made from ingredients that are as healthy for you as I can make a tasty treat. I add no cane sugar, no artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives and no wheat flour.

acai berry slice

Select rate

apple slice

Select rate

apricot slice

Select rate

cacao slice

Select rate

cherry slice

Select rate

chocolate chip slice

Select rate

choco fruit slice

Select rate

chocolate & macadamia rocky road slice

Select rate

choconut slice

Select Rate

coconut and macadamia slice

Select rate

cranberry slice

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fruit cake


goji berry slice

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intense desire slices

Select Rate

mango slice

Select rate

“Oh My Goodness!” nut slice

Select rate

raspberry slice

Select rate

strawberry slice

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Here are some resources to resolve confusions and feed the mind.

Picture of How to Live the Healthiest Life

“How To Live The Healthiest Life” by Tom Grimshaw

Since starting Healthelicious I have lost count of the amount of time I have spent on health and longevity research but it would very conservatively be over 1,500 hours. In order to share what I have learned from both centuries old remedies and the latest research, here is a 600+ page compilation of data that will dispel myths, expose lies, resolve confusions and give you a step by step approach to build your physical health and strength as well as your mental health, memory, intelligence and comprehension speed.

You have the option of purchasing a downloadable PDF for $47 or a printed version for $77 plus postage. If you purchase the printed version I will still send you the PDF as from it you can more easily click on a link to go to some of the web pages from which I have sourced data.

Downloadable PDF only:
Both PDF and printed versions:

Picture of Have You Got The GUTS to be REALLY Healthy? Book

“Have You Got The GUTS to be REALLY Healthy?” by Don Chisholm $21.95

Have you got the guts points out the many myths that we have been led to believe are good for us, when in truth they are detrimental to our very existence. Don spent over 10 years traveling the world and worked in many clinics all over the world in his quest for his own health. The end result is a belief that there are no conditions that cannot be improved; many that supposedly have no cure are just a matter of dehydration combined with malnutrition.

So do you feel you have the guts to be really healthy? Read Dons approach to health and see how easy it would be to be one or two rungs higher on your health scale.

Picture of The Healing Power of Food Book

“The Healing Power of Food” by Cheryl Reid $25

Cheryl handled her husband’s stage IV lymphoma with diet. This is their story along with 170 recipes you can use to replicate their technique.

Other Items

Here are some other items to aid your quest for optimal health.

Fulvic Minerals

Picture of Fulvic Minerals

The body cannot utilise vitamins in the absence of minerals and our fruit and vegetables are grown in minerally deficient soil. Click on the heading to read more about this often overlooked key to adequate nutrition and optimal weight. These fulvic minerals come in either a 50 gram bottle with dropper or 100 grams of powder. Recommended dosage is one drop per day (in purified water or juice) per 8 kg of body weight. So if you weigh 70 kilos you would take 9 drops a day.

100 grams of Powder $79
100 grams of Powder plus jewellers scales $94

2012 Probiotics

Picture of 2012 Probiotics

A blend of gluten free wholefoods broken down by a superculture of probiotics (food based probiotics). Certified organic and made with selected gluten free wholefoods, in a readily absorbable format.

Strains of Probiotics Included

All the following Lactobacillus bacteria are used in the fermentation process and are cultured from food. They are not dairy or fecal matter or laboratory bred.

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus Delbrueckii
  • Lactobacillus Caseii
  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus
  • Lactobacillus Caucasicus
  • Lactobacillus Fermenti
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum
  • Lactobacillus Brevis
  • Lactobacillus Helveticus
  • Lactobacillus Lactis
  • Bifidabacterium Bifidum
  • Saccharomyces Boulardii
  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

These yeast strains are added to the formulation of the Organic 2012 and are responsible for the presence of B-Vitamins so necessary to maintain health.

This is the same product I put in my top food bars and powders to aid you in absorbing the most nutrition possible from each bar.

Here is a link to an article explaining the benefits of healthy bacteria in your gut:

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