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Sleep Disorders

I was underslept for several years so I know how much of a trial it can be! One of the benefits several others and I have gained from eating the food bars is that I still sleep very lightly and wake early but I am more rested and do not have that constant pressure from feeling underslept. Here are a couple of things you can do right now.

Some have found it beneficial to have a carb laden dinner, some a pre bed-time snack.

A handful of almonds can help one relax and unwind because they contain the snooze helping nutrients tryptophan and magnesium.

While sugar is stimulating, honey helps the brain to turn off because it contains orexin, a recently discovered neurotransmitter linked to reducing alertness.

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What several other people and myself have found is that there is something in my bars that seems to have a beneficial effect on those with sleeping problems. There have been far too few people test it (only 6 to date) so I would be very interested to hear from any others with sleeping problems after they have tried a few bars. Whether or not eating the bars produced a change for you, I would like to hear from you.

I am continually adding ingredients to my food bars and supplements to my daily intake, so it is not that easy to tell what has done the most good to improve my sleep. Amongst the handful of vitamins and supplements I am taking are Vinpocetine, DHEA and DHA. Could be worth a try.

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