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with food made with my good foods mantra - purity, density and diversity

About Healthelicious Foods

Not really a lot to tell you here. I am a frustrated perfectionist. I would like to make a food bar so powerful that just eating one a day would nourish the body sufficiently to prevent me from ever suffering any and all diseases. I know you can’t do that. Nutrition is but one twelfth of the path to good health. But that doesn’t stop me for attempting to come as close to it as possible. That’s why I spend up to $600 a kilo on my ingredients and put as many of them into my food bars as I can. I make the food bars, protein powders, slices and fruit cake for you exactly the same as I make them for my family and me.

Or maybe that one paragraph does say a whole lot.

If you have allergies, food intolerances or dietary preferances, click here for an handy reference guide as to which of my products contain what ingredients. To download a pdf of it, click here.

And like all my products, what I leave out is as important as what I put in:

No artificial colours Tick No artificial flavours Tick No artificial fragrances Tick
No cane sugar Tick No excitotoxins Tick No flavour enhancers Tick
No detectable gluten Tick No added preservatives Tick No trans-fats Tick

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telephone: +61 (0)2 9552 3311 or +61 (0)412 966 625

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