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Principles Underlying Healthelicious Products

There are a great many factors operating in this society that influence the majority of people into adopting a destructive diet and lifestyle. It would take too long to go into all those factors here. But let me give you some some simple yet profound principles underlying my Healthelicious products.

Principle Number 1:

Your mind and body are of mind boggling complexity and, given the right inputs, a remarkably self-healing combination.

Principle Number 2:

Give your body what it needs and thrives on - clean air, restful sleep, pure water, optimal nutrition, high intensity exercise - keep it free from what destroys it - stress, pollutants, toxins - avoid accidents and help it overcome pathogens and it will serve you well and survive long.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra says: “You must provide your body’s remarkable repair power with the nutritional materials and building blocks it needs to keep going and growing.”

Principle Number 3:

If you don’t deliver to your body wht it thrives on you will develop symptoms of ill health and disease and your body will die earlier than it otherwise would.

Principle Number 4:

We eat too narrow a range of foods to maintain optimal health. Wider nutritional diversity than we currently enjoy is better for our health than our current diet.

I read that most Americans derive 66% of their caloric intake from 4 crops (wheat, rice, corn and soybeans) and their derivatives! By comparison, the ancient Aztecs cultivated 229 crops! In the US and Australia, expanding waistlines, malnourishment and the increase in degenerative diseases are testimony to the insanity of that lack of nutritional diversity.

Principle Number 5:

Nutrient dense foods are so much better for our health that there is no room in our diet for empty calories. Much of the food most people eat is destructive to good health. The calories the food contains are empty of nutrients. This leads to the body craving more to eat to satisfy its nutritional requirements even though the calorie requirements have been met. This piles on weight.

Principle Number 6:

The vast majority of food is best for the body in its natural state. Many food additives are destructive to health. Adding artificial preservatives, colours and flavours does not improve the health of the body, it improves the profits of the manufacturer.

Principle Number 7:

The mind does not get ill and the body does not get sick from lack of a drug. Therefore adding a drug cannot heal the body. A drug only suppresses symptoms. Often with many undesireable side effects. (The average drug has 70 undesireable side effects.)

Principle Number 8:

Most people gravitate to doing that which is rewarded. Only you have a vested interest in staying healthy. Doctors, hospitals, drug comapnies and other parts of the sickness industry profit from your illness and disease. Heck, even the government reward you for being sick! They pick up the tab! They don’t subsidise eating healthy or vitamin and mineral supplements.

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