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Soaking Nuts

Many nuts come with enzyme inhibitors. Until they are soaked out, these enzyme inhibitors prevent the enzymes within the nut from activating. This ensures that the nut does not waste its time germinating until the ground is moist enough to sustain life.

As soon as a decent rain falls and soaks the enzyme inhibitors out of the nut, the enzymes are activated and the sprouting begins.

This is a great mechanism for plants but not so good for you, if you want to obtain maximum nutrients from your nuts. The process of soaking your nuts before eating them is known as activating them. Activated nuts can release up to 200 times more nutrients than non-soaked nuts. So. if you wish to get as much nutrition as possible from your nuts, soak them prior to consuming them.

Once soaked they will go off a lot faster, so keep them refrigerated and use within a day or so. If you want to put some hydrogen peroxide in the soaking water that might also kill any nasties on their surface.

Do not use the water the nuts soaked in and rinse the nuts after soaking.

To ensure you gain the maximum possible nutrition from my top bars I soak the nuts then dehydrate them before crushing them and adding them to the mix.



Seed or Nut Soaking Time
Alfalfa 12
Flax 8
Pepitas 12
Sesame 12
Sunflower 8
Almonds 12
Brazils not necessary
Cashews 3
Hazelnuts 12
Macadamias not necessary
Pecans 8
Pine nuts not necessary
Pistachios not necessary
Walnuts 8

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