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Healthelicious Peak Performance Bar

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    Peak Perfomance Bar

  • About the Peak Performance Bar

    I am a frustrated perfectionist. I would like to create a bar so nourishing, so beneficial to the body that just by eating one a day I would never get sick, never suffer from the symptoms of aging and enjoy superior energy levels, memory and cognitive ability till well past 120 years of age. I know it is impossible to accomplish that goal solely through nutrition, as nutrition is only one of 12 pillars of optimal health. Even knowing that it doesn’t stop me trying to do the best with my bars!

    After creating my Nutrition Booster Bar I continued to search for different herbs to boost my memory and intelligence. I learned the Rishi holy men of India used Bacopa or Brahmi to improve memory so they could learn by heart thousands of lines of Sankrit verse. That for many, many years the Chinese have used Gotu Kola as a longevity herb and He shou wu as a general vitality booster. Astragalus has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to strengthen the body against disease such as cancer and diabetes, physical and emotional stress as well as having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

    I learned that there were several herbs/foods/supplements/vitamins (chlorella, spirulina, cilantro, Modifilan, Vitamins C and E) that could help remove heavy metals from the body. I also learned the following datum from researching for my book.

    “Mortality from cancer was reduced 90% during an 18-year follow up of 59 patients treated with calcium-EDTA (heavy metal chelation therapy) From the Journal of Advancement in Medicine Vol2, No1-2 Spring-Summer 1989.”

    Toxline is the searchable database from the US CDC (Center of Disease Control). It lists 643 studies linking mercury and cancer. And mercury is just one toxic metal! Mercury is one of the few metals that causes direct degradation of nerve fibers. Shame it is found in vaccines!

    So, being ambitious to attain as many health benefits as possible from my daily bar, I created a new formula that included those and a few more ingredients. I now have several ingredients in my nutrition bars that chelate toxic metals from the body because I would like to reduce my cancer risk by 90%! As a matter of fact, I just noticed that most of the ingredients in Ray Sahelian’s Mind Power supplement are in my Peak Performance Bar. As are many of the ingredients in the toxin chelation formula.

    The Peak Performance Bar is now my third top bar for nutritional variety and enhanced mental and physical performance. It truly is for the elite of the nutritionally aware. It provides the equivalent of Rocket Fuel for the mind and body for maximum mental and physical performance. When formulated it was my latest attempt to provide you with as many nutrients as possible in a single food bar. The very wide range of nutrients provided by the over 100 healthy ingredients deliver a phenomenal variety of nutritients, over 30 percent of the RDI of 9 minerals and 15 vitamons which for many people deliver instant and lasting energy for your mind and body in a convenient, portable package.

    My goal is that just by eating one or two of these bars each day I could live happier, healthier, longer and avoid degenerative diseases predisposed, precipitated or prolonged by the current nutrient depleted food supply. The fact that they leave you feeling satisfied and give you a mental and physical energy boost are added benefits. The bar is dense with nutrients and no fillers so the taste is unusual but for most people it is tolerable.

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  • Allergen Statement for the Peak Performance Bar

    Contains tree and other nuts, seeds and honey.

    If you have allergies, food intolerances or dietary preferances, click here for an handy reference guide as to which of my products contain what ingredients. To download a pdf of it, click here.

    And like all my products, what I leave out is as important as what I put in:

    No artificial colours Tick No artificial flavours Tick No artificial fragrances Tick
    No cane sugar Tick No excitotoxins Tick No flavour enhancers Tick
    No detectable gluten Tick No added preservatives Tick No trans-fats Tick
  • Ingredient List for the Peak Performance Bar

    (Click on any hyperlinked ingredient for a data sheet on that ingredient.)

    The ingredients for an individual batch may vary slightly due to seasonal unavailability, crop failure or supplier shortages.

    In descending order of quantity used the standard recipe includes:

    * an asterisk after the ingredient name denotes wild crafted or organic.

    This information is current as of 5 January 2017. Batches made before or after this date may be different.

    To increase the absorption of the nutrient content I soak the nuts I include in this bar to remove the enzyme blockers. I then dehydrate (30-40 degrees centigrade) them to dry them out. To give you as long a shelf life as possible I then vacuum seal these bars.

    As well as that, as good a job as I have done with selectng the ingredients, sometimes the blender does not fully grind the herbs and roots to a powder, so there may be an unchewable fragment of twig in the bar. You are welcome to masticate it or expectorate it as you see fit.

    Honey and tahimi are used to bind the other ingredients and to minimise moisture level in the bar.

    Honey and tahini are natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents.

    Yacon is included to reduce the impact on blood sugar levels of the honey and maple syrup.

  • Nutrition Information Panel for Peak Performance Bar

    Portion size: 56 grams
    Nutrient per 56 gram portion per 100g Nutrient per 56 gram portion per 100g
    Energy 995 1776 Protein 7.83 13.98
    Unsaturated Fats 10.97 19.59 Sugars 11.67 20.84
    Saturated Fats 2.63 4.70 Carbohydrates 18.48 33.00
    Medium Chain Triglycerides 1.66 2.97 Fibre 5.44 9.71
    Total Fat 15.49 27.66 Sodium 238.53 425.95

    This information is current as of 5 January 2017, is approximate and average.
    Despite my best efforts at thoroughly mixing the ingredients, the actual values can vary from bar to bar.

  • Mineral & Vitamin Content for Peak Performance Bar

    % of Recommended Daily Intake For
    Nutrient Men Women
    Energy 9 11
    Protein 14 16
    Total Fat 6 7
    Carbohydrates 9 12
    Fibre 18 over 20
    Calcium over 30 over 20
    Copper over 30 over 30
    Iron over 30 over 30
    Manganese over 100 over 100
    Magnesium over 30 over 30
    Phosphorus 16 16
    Potassium over 30 over 30
    Selenium over 30 over 30
    Sodium over 30 over 30
    Zinc over 30 over 30
    Vitamin A over 30 over 30
    Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) over 30 over 30
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) over 100 over 100
    Vitamin B3 (Niacin) over 30 over 30
    Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) over 30 over 30
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) over 30 over 30
    Vitamin B7 (Biotin) 7 9
    Vitamin B8 (Inositol) over 100 over 100
    Vitamin B9 (as Folate and/or Folic Acid) over 100 over 100
    Vitamin B12 over 30 over 30
    Choline over 30 over 30
    Betaine over 30 over 30
    Vitamin C over 100 over 100
    Vitamin D3 over 100 over 100
    Vitamin E over 100 over 100
    Vitamin K over 30 over 30

    This information is approximate and average.
    Despite my best efforts at thoroughly mixing the ingredients, the actual values can vary from bar to bar.

    Where possible I formulate my recipes to deliver the vitmains and minerals from plant ingredients that contain those nutrients.

    In some recipes and for some nutrients I supplement what I can obtain from plant sources by adding vitamin or mineral powders, such as the fulvic acid minerals.

  • Testimonials for the Peak Performance Bar

    Glenn said of my top bars, this included, “I know they are good for me as when I have one I can feel every cell in my body!”

    David bought some bars from me prior to a kayak race, hoping they would give him an edge. He emailed me today for some more Peak Performance Bars, saying:

    “These worked well for the last race.
    I came thru the line 30 minutes faster than I thought I would.

    Would it be possible to pick up some Peak Performance Bars today or tomorow as I have a kayak race on the 26th?



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