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Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng, full name Elutherococcus senticosus, is also known as eleuthero, or in Chinese, Wu Cha Seng, is a woodland plant native to southeastern Siberia and the Korean peninsula. The part used consists of the dried roots and root bark. It is considered to be an adaptogen - it helps in stressful situations to return the body to normal balance.

A US study of six baseball players found that taking eleuthero for 8 days increased breathing capacity, allowing the players more wind to sprint between bases. Scientists in Australia found that men and women who took eleuthero for 8 weeks had 13% strength gains in the pectoral muscles and 15% in the biceps. A company in New Jersey found that taking it for 8 weeks increased the body’s ability to burn fat through exercise by about 43%.

It has been used for centuries in China and Russia. Some of the uses to which it has been put:

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Targets obesity, fighting fatty liver disease, and boosting noradrenaline production by the adrenal glands - which increases fat burning potential!

Like Asian and American ginseng, Siberian ginseng has been shown to normalize reactions to physical and mental stress with great effectiveness when used for several months. In evaluating the adaptogenic properties of Siberian ginseng, a large study reviewed the results of a number of clinical trials involving 2,100 healthy men and women ages 19 to 72. Subjects were given doses of ginseng ranging from 2 to 16 ml of fluid extract, 33 percent ethanol, from one to three times daily for up to 60 days. Subjects had increased mental alertness and work output, enhanced athletic performance and improved work quality. They also exhibited an improved ability to withstand adverse conditions such as heat, noise, increases in workload and physical exertion.

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