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Healthelicious Pricing and Shipping Policy

I am endeavouring to make it as viable as possible for you to regularly consume my spectacular nutrition. To this end I have crafted a pricing model that allows you to purchase just a small quantity to start with, just like you would in a retail outlet, to try it out. Then, when you find out from personal experience exactly how good my energy and nutrition bars deliver on their promise, you can order in larger volumes and save a lot!

When you purchase a single cake from a bakery you pay about $5 or $6 for it, maybe more. You get something that tastes nice but you don’t know what’s in it.

I am endeavouring to make it as viable as possible for you to regularly consume my healthier snacks. To this end I have a pricing model that allows you to purchase a hand crafted product at closer to the price of a mass produced product.

The cheapest option is if I make a whole batch, just for you. The unit price for that is $3.85.

Retail is my label for the price you would expect to pay for the product through a retail outlet.

When buying less than 20 bars/slices or less than 4 tubs of NutriBlast®, you pay Retail.

Carton is my label for the price a retailer would expect to pay from a distributor.

When buying between 20 and 119 bars/slices or between 4 and 15 tubs of NutriBlast®, you pay the Carton price.

Bulk is my label for the price a distributor would expect to pay from a manufacturer.

When buying 120 bars/slices or more or 16 or more tubs of NutriBlast®, you pay the Bulk price.

International Orders

Regarding shipment to other countries. On smaller orders to close overseas destinations, like our New Zealand neighbours, the extra postage cost is compensated for by me not having to pay our consumption tax - GST - on overseas purchases, so there is no extra charge. And even on a Trial Pack of bars and slices to the UK the extra shipping was only $12.

Shipping Costs

Re freight or shipping charges. I know some sites offer free freight. I also know many people object to paying shipping. My situation is this. Many people call in to pick up product from me to save the shipping cost. This obviously saves my time packing their order and taking it to the post office.

Rather than have two pricing structures, one for shipped product with the shipping and handling costs built in, and one for collected product without those costs inbuilt, it is far simpler for me and I feel far fairer to both groups of my clients to have one pricing model and only charge shipping and handling when I ship product.

Please bear in mind that there is no way that the shipping cost I charge covers the postage AND the time it takes to pack and despatch an order.

Believe it or not, the very day after I created this page a new client emailed me:

“Tom, the postage and handling seems expensive I am assuming that your postage rate is Express post.
I purchase a lot on the internet and receive well over 1.5 kg of product for no more than $14. Just saying.
Every success with your business.

I replied:

“G’day L,

Thanks for your order and I really appreciate you raising the postage concern with me. It gives me the opportunity to address it rather than just have you sit there stewing on it, thinking I am a profiteering rogue.

I have many of my customers call in and pick up their orders from me. I do not have a different rate for them. I have the same rate I charge for pickups and delivered items. That’s why I charge postage and handling for delivering, because shipping and handling is not costed into the price of the product.

I don’t ordinarily use Express Post.

I think the ordinary parcel post postage on your minerals and two bottles will be $7.95.

If it takes me 10 minutes to pick it, pack it, address it, stamp it and log it and 10 minutes to get to and from the Post office, that’s 20 minutes of time I have to cost into the shipping and handling fee charged.

I was told by a girl who helps me out at the expos I attend that the minimum pay rate is now $28.05 an hour. Adding all other costs on top of that (workers comp, holiday pay, public holidays, sick days etc.) is about 30%. A business needs to charge out at least double if not 5 times the rate it pays its staff to cover rent, electricity etc. etc. etc.

But for this exercise let’s say I am a philanthropist and don’t need to make a profit, just cover costs. If I factor my costs at $36.46 an hour ($28.05 x 1.3), then twenty minutes of time costs $12.15. That plus the $7.95 postage is $20.10. So minimally I am subsidising a posted article by ten cents rather than making a huge profit on it. To more properly cover the employee charge out rate solely with the shipping and handling charge that fee should more appropriately be $30.

So anything over a kilo, where the postage rate is more like $14 to Eastern states, let alone WA, I am going backwards at the rate of $6 an order, even charging $20 for shipping and handling.

I honestly don’t know the pricing models of other companies and how they work it. I don’t believe it is that nobody but me knows how to cost things accurately. It must be that their shipping and handling cost is part covered in their product pricing and only part covered by what they charge the customer for shipping and handling. Probably for Public Relations reasons. Which means customers who collect are subsiding delivered to customers. Which I think is unfair. It is obviously more palatable to mail order customers, but it is nevertheless inequitable.

Hope this helps explain it.

If you are happy to proceed, let me know and I will ship your order Sunday. Otherwise if you find my explanation unsatisfactory, let me know and I will ask PayPal to issue you a refund.

And many thanks for your good wishes. If you choose to go ahead with the mineral order I sincerely hope for you and your son the gains that others have reported from them.


And because I was in a hurry to get to bed and dashed this off at 11 o’clock on a Saturday night I forgot to factor in the cost of the box! Add another 50 cents. :-)

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