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Healthelicious Acai Berry Slice

  • Image of the Acai Berry Slice

    Acai Berry Slice
  • About the Acai Berry Slice

    The Acai Berry Slice is one of my fruit and coconut based slices designed to satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you the pump and dump effect that sugar has on so many people. Acai is a great anti-oxidant - 40 times more powerful than blueberries.

    Each slice weighs 50 grams.

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  • Allergen Statement for the Acai Berry Slice

    Contains honey, dried fruits and coconut. The honey is used to bind the other ingredients and is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent.

    If you have allergies, food intolerances or dietary preferances, click here for an handy reference guide as to which of my products contain what ingredients. To download a pdf of it, click here.

    And like all my products, what I leave out is as important as what I put in:

    No artificial colours Tick No artificial flavours Tick No artificial fragrances Tick
    No cane sugar Tick No excitotoxins Tick No flavour enhancers Tick
    No detectable gluten Tick No added preservatives Tick No trans-fats Tick
  • Ingredient List for the Acai Berry Slice

    (Click on any hyperlinked ingredient for a data sheet on that ingredient.)

    In descending order of quantities used:

    mango dried
    coconut oil
    acai berry powder
    yacón syrup

  • Nutrition Information Panel for the Acai Berry Slice

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  • Mineral & Vitamin Content for the Acai Berry Slice

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  • Testimonials for the the Acai Berry Slice

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