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you’ve told me what you want: less mental fog and more physical energy
here’s my solution: make it easier for you to take your healthy eating next level - restorative nutrition
- with products made according to my good foods mantra - purity, density and diversity

Reduced Cancer Risk

Researchers are continually finding that certain foods contain ingredients that have an anti-cancer effect. In fact, this is what leads to the development of drugs that mimic the action of the active cancer fighting component of those foods. My opinion is that it is better to ingest the foods throught one’s life and let the active component do its job naturally. That way you do not subject yourself to the average 75 negative side-effects that come with each drug.

Research results indicate that these ingredients reduce DNA damage or reduce risk of contracting cancer or impede cancer cell growth. I have not tested the results in the body obtainable from eating this many anti-cancer foods in combination so can only speculate on the potential effect.

All of these ingredients are used in the following product:
eXtreme nutrition bar
bug out bar

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