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Emerging scientific evidence suggests that probiotics offer a host of benefits including promoting gut health, immune protection, cancer risk minimisation, cholesterol lowering as well as helping treat conditions like traveller and toddler diarrhoea and atopic eczema. Data from

FermPlus Probiotics

Probiotic superfoods that combine billions of live probiotics from 12 key strains of friendly bacteria and naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phyto-nutreints and enzymes found in the 20 specially selected wholefoods. FermPlus does not contain a single man made vitamin, synthetic mineral, chemical, preservative, filler, binder or extract, is gluten, wheat & dairy free and 100% natural.

FermPlus was created with 12 key Lactobacillus strains (not just two or three strains) together in their own food source. This food source also acts as a prebiotic which allows the bacteria to stay alive and healthy and able to work synergistically together to provide your body with a very powerful probiotic. This is the result of two decades of research.

FermPlus’ bacteria is cultured from vegetables and fruit (not dairy or soil based organisms) and free of any genetic engineering.

Your Digestive System

A healthy digestive systems is full of bacteria, both “friendly” and “unfriendly”. The “friendly” or probiotic bacteria should predominate. However this intricate ratio can become unbalanced due to poor eating habits, medication, antibiotics, tummy upsets, chemicals, stress and illness. FermPlus is made with “friendly” intestinal flora for gut bacterial balance, essential for good digestion and a healthy bowel and immune system.

Signs of Bacterial Imbalance

Onset of chronic fatigue

According to Don Chisholm of NuFerm, “The above symptoms can be caused by non-absorbtion of nutrients, in which case they are signals that the body could be slipping into state of chronic fatigue. In most cases of chronic fatigue, by improving the digestion of your food and by improving the quality of the bacteria in your digestive system, the above symptoms can be at least reduced, if not eradicated.”

“Being overweight has not as much to do with the volume of the food you eat and more to do with what the body is able to do with the food you eat. Absorbable, organic foods have been shown to create weight loss. (One user of FermPlus lost 15 pounds in 4 months.)”

Food allergies are a major cause of gastrointestinal inflammation, as is the disturbance of good gut bacteria. This leads to an unbalanced digestive system making it more difficult to absorb the goodness from food eaten and even nutrient starvation.

Optimize Nutrient Absorption

FermPlus’ Living Wholefoods are made with the 13 strains of Lactobacilli bacteria to enhance the food’s goodness. The bacteria naturally break down the foods to allow optimum nutrient absorption and use by the body.

Wholefood contents


These are the probiotics that are part of the mother culture that break down the above foods.

There are two yeast strains that are aerobic in nature and are not the harmful yeast strains that are associated with candida and thrush. These yeast strains are added to the formulation of FermPlus and are responsible for the presence of B group vitamins so necessary to maintain health.

An American consumer watchdog group tested 25 popular brands of probiotics. The results were shocking. Eight contained less than one percent of the live friendly bacteria advertised on the label. Six of them only had a few thousand live cells at the time they were tested, not the billions they promised!

One of the world’s leading probiotic experts, Dr. Khem Shahani, said of his own testing of over 200 acidophilus products nearly 80% didn’t live up to their advertised numerical claims, and nearly half didn’t even have 10% of the claimed number of live microorganisms!

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