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Healthelicious NutriBlast® Overview

  • Which NutriBlast®? The Problem > Solution Version

    Covid spike protein - anti-spike blend

    Breast feeding nutrition - mother’s blend

    Delicate digestion - DigestEasy blend

    Detox-General - detox blend

    Detox-Metals - Detox Metals Blend (Coming...)

    Detox-Parasites - Detox Parasites Blend (Coming...)

    Diabetes - diabetes blend

    Energy - greens+ blend greens+ vegan blend

    Forgetfulness - memory and intelligence blend

    General nutrition - greens+ blend greens+ vegan blend

    High blood pressure - hypertension blend

    Immune boost - immune blend

    Injury repair - stem cell blend

    Intimacy issues - men’s blend

    Lack of energy - greens+ blend greens+ vegan blend

    Mental fog - greens+ blend greens+ vegan blend

    Morning sickness - mother’s blend

    Post Covid vaccination issues - anti-spike blend

    Pregnancy nutrition - mother’s blend

    Prepregnancy nutrition - mother’s blend

    Prostate - men’s blend

    Protein - protein blend

    Senior moments - memory and intelligence blend

    Shedding from spike protein - anti-spike blend

    Sleep issues - sleep blend

    Post operative surgery - stem cell blend

    Vaccine injury - anti-spike blend

    Weight loss - weight loss blend

    Stem cell boost - stem cell blend

  • Which NutriBlast®? The Story Version

    This is my attempt to answer the question, “Which NutriBlast is right for me?”

    Back in 2011, after I had been making my nutrition bars for three years, I asked my son-in-law, “I’m making some of the healthiest food in the world yet you aren’t eating it. How come?”

    He replied, “’Cos I don’t eat bars.”

    I figured, “I know how to solve that, I’ll make a powder.” So I fired up my spreadsheet, loaded up the recipe for my top nutrition bar then took out the seeds, nuts, fruit, coconut and the wet, binding agents like honey and tahini, tweaked the recipe and made a powder. That is the NutriBlast Greens+ (+ for Plus, as it has a LOT more in it then just greens).


    It wasn’t on the market a week before somone asked me for a version that did not have animal products in it so I made a vegan version. Since then I have removed several other things. These are the ingredients in the Greens+ that are not in the Vegan version.

    • bee pollen
    • brewers yeast
    • egg yolk powder
    • garlic
    • ginger
    • green coffee bean extract
    • green tea extract
    • onion powder
    • stevia
    • collagen
    • colostrum
    • N-acetyl L-carnitine
    • N-acetyl L-cysteine
    • nattokinase
    • xylitol

    Greens+ Vegan

    These two are my shotgun approach - give the body a bit of everything good in the expectation that:
    a) it will run better on more nutritious fuel and
    b) if it is suffering a nutritional deficiency then there is every chance it will be rectified due to the nutrient diversity and density in the blend.

    Three years later my elder daughter rang me and asked me to make a Mother’s Blend suitable for a nutrition boost while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and while breast feeding. So I did: mother’s blend

    At that time I had a mate with high blood pressure and two with diabetes so I went through my ingredient list identifying what ingredient would help a range of health conditions from which people suffered and made a dozen blends to do what I could to help with them.

    detox blend to help the body get rid of toxins.

    Detox Metals Blend (Coming...)

    Detox Parasites Blend (Coming...)

    diabetes blend to help normalise blood sugar and reduce appetite.

    hypertension blend to help normalise blood pressure.

    immune blend to help boost the immune system.

    men’s blend for prostate and erectile help.

    memory and intelligence blend to reduce mental fog and senior moments.

    sleep blend for people who need sleep help.

    weight loss blend if you want to suppress appetite.

    Then I was sitting in a cafe in Florida, talking to a friend about a stem cell boosting formula I had just read about and she said, “Why don’t you make one?” So I did. My stem cell blend is for people wanting to boost the ability of their body to recover after injury or surgery.

    A year or so later I read of a protein powder that promised a much higher absorption rate than the go to protein powders, but it only had the essential amino acids in it. No Fulvic acid, no probiotics etc. So I decided to make my own - protein blend.

    Some time later a friend asked at lunch, “Do you have anything without Lectins in it?” So I went home and looked up Lectins and found they are substances that some plants produce that make the plants toxic to insects. We’re all just trying to survive, apparently. I knew from previous homework that there were other things that some people’s digestive systems found objectionable so I removed all those from a Greens+ recipe and made my DigestEasy Blend for people who want better nutrition but have one or more of a wide variety of digestive issues. DigestEasy blend

    More recently, many thousands of Covid ’vaccinated’ people feel less well after being jabbed and many unjabbed people will testify to feeling worse after being exposed to Covid jabbed individuals.

    Some of us are more sensitive and are severely and immediately impacted than others of us but I believe we all need to undertake a detoxification from the Spike Protein.

    Just recently, someone close to me was experiencing many issues (mental fog, tiredness, muscle weakness) many attributed as symptoms of the jab and I was no longer feeling 195 percent, as I usually do.

    After watching a video and hearing elsewhere about the shedding of spike protein from the Covid jabbed to the unjabbed, I figured I needed to do something.

    So I created a Covid Jab Detox Blend.

    anti-spike blend

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