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I think your Fulvic minerals are making a huge difference to me after taking them daily for the last 10 weeks or so. Apart from more energy (I had plenty in the first place) I know that my memory has improved greatly.

I feel I want to shout it to the world, but I am telling as many people as I can about them, slowly but surely and I have the feeling I might be able to introduce you to many more customers...


13th September 2018

I tried your Healthelicious slices and bars at the Sydney MBS Festival and loved them.

Many Thanks


10th May 2012

Hi my name is Nicole and I bought your performance bars at the Health and Fitness Expo and then the snack bars at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. I just wanted to say once again how happy I am with the bars. They taste amazing, fill me up and given me the added pleasure of knowing I’m doing the right thing for my body! So thank you and I will definitely be buying more of your products.

Many thanks,


8th May 2012

I tried your health bars at the fitness expo and could really feel the difference how I felt after taking them.


7th May 2012

I am loving your readings as well as the food bars that I purchased on the weekend.

Erue in Sydney

30th April 2012

Dear Mr Grimshaw,

Good morning! Please kindly excuse me to send this message as I just couldn’t help it : )

I met your lady at Mind Body Spirit Festival at Darling harbor in November last year and bought the “trial” pack. Ah, those are absolutely winners!

I have changed my diet to reduce daily food and meat from my diet and not consuming anymore because of my body is no longer digest those well (or noticed too late) then I was looking for a healthy product like yous for years.

My husband is a barefoot/trail runner and he also loves the endurance your bar gives him during long distant (50-100 km races) runs. He used to use those protein bar or energy bar, but since my purchase at the show, he said “It is the best to give me so much energy and good for my body, even better!”

I will order another pack very shortly : )

Also thank you so much for all the important and interesting information you post on Facebook. I love it and appreciate your effort and time to share those, wonderful!

I just wanted to say "Thank you!!"

Have a great day,


18th April 2012

I tell you something: my body loved the food bars. Real energy and no bloating. I definitely plan to get some more.

Mario in Sydney

18th March 2012

David bought some bars from me prior to a kayak race, hoping they would give him an edge. He emailed me today for some more Peak Performance Bars, saying:

“These worked well for the last race.
I came thru the line 30 minutes faster than I thought I would.

Would it be possible to pick up some Peak Performance Bars today or tomorow as I have a kayak race on the 26th?



24th January 2012


I bought 12 of your bars recently. I think at the mind, body, spirit festival and they were great. They are sweet enough for my sweet tooth but healthy enough they don’t spike my blood sugar levels which then makes me want to go to sleep moments after the hit. Thank you for providing great and healthy food.

Merry Christmas

Kind Regards

Madonna S”

20th December 2011

Hi Tom

Sorry for the slow response but am inundated with work and other pressing matters at the moment, and I felt that my feedback would ideally be more elaborate than time constraints allow, as I am exceedingly pleased both with the bars, and with your entire enterprise.

Firstly, your question lets me know that we are on a similar wavelength when it comes to food. Years ago after visiting a café in the Blue Mountains that had delightful Turkish food I noticed in response, an unfamiliar sensation in my body. I came to call this café’s offerings “thank-you food” and tried to go there frequently. For various reasons I have since that time, come to read up a little on food and complementary medicine, so I can appreciate what you seem to be doing with Healthelicious. (I have tried most of the ’health’ bars that are commercially available but never found myself WANTING to eat them, in contrast to your range.)

I enjoyed every single bar in the trial pack immensely, and the long list of ingredients had me swooning incredulously. I am much more interested in the energy/nutrition/meal-replacement range than in the snack range. I adore the Peak Performance bar as I like a sultry taste in food from time to time, and the range of ingredients here is staggering. I can’t really tell you much about effects on my body except to say I’m working long stressful hours, remaining healthy, and sleeping really quite well.

As time allows I look forward to reading through your newsletter closely, and then your book. In the meantime, my thanks and congratulations for everything you are doing.

I haven’t penned this email with the intent of being a testimonial, but could furnish one down the track if you like.

I understand and well appreciate your philosophy here. You are making a dangerously unbalanced world significantly better. Most of us can do no more than that, and most of us do much less.

Best regards,

Stephen in Thirroul

14th December 2011

I had a call from a lady in Perth whose severely coeliac daughter was struggling with two problems. One was the number of times she had been betrayed by food manufacturers and labelling, thinking something was gluten-free only to suffer a severe reaction after eating it. So much so she was very reluctant to try new foods. The other problem was to find gluten-free food that would leave her feeling satisfied.

I told her not to buy my trial pack just yet, it was a while since I had them tested and since then I had added dozens of what I was told were gluten free ingredients. So I sent them off to Silliker, a food testing laboratory. The results came back “no gluten detectable” so I shipped Bruna three of each bar and slice.

This was the feedback.

Just a quick note to say how very much both my daughters love your products . ALL OF THEM!!

I have just placed another order through Paypal.

Again I need to tell you Carmen especially is very happy with your bars.

Bruna in Perth

8th December 2011

Micheal Wilson at Enliven Fitness has just started stocking my bars. One of his clients finds it hard to lose weight as she is constantly hungry. Michael explained how it is because she is eating empty calories, that nourishing food would leave her feeling satisfied. So she tried a Peak Performance Bar at 8:00am. At 2:30pm the girls in the office said, “Let’s go for lunch!” She declined as she wasn’t yet hungry!

3rd December 2011

I have been using Healthelicious products - the nutrition bars and the green powder - now for 2 weeks. During this time I have been on a diet so my body is adjusting to not having its usual bread, pasta, afternoon cake or treat etc. What I have been doing when I want that extra treat is have half a nutrition bar. I find that it keeps me going and keeps me alert for at least a couple of hours. Mid afternoon seems to be the time when most people get that slump feeling and I am definitely one of those!

For lunch or mid morning (depending on how hungry I am) I have been putting rice milk, an egg, a banana and a heaped spoonful of green powder into the blender and yum . there goes another few hours where I am bright alert and not hungry at all!

I know there are a lot of goodies in these products but I couldn't begin to talk about what they are, but quite frankly who the hell cares, I know and trust Tom and having known him for many years know that he is passionate not only about his and his family’s health, but mine and yours and the people on this planet as well.

So thank you Tom for making such healthy yummy food for us lazy buggers who haven’t spent the time to do it for ourselves!

Kim Cullen

P.S. I have dropped a good stable 2 and a half kilos too!

2nd December 2011

I like them because they are very filling for their size and seem to provide a more sustained energy. My wife likes them as well and she pilfered my stash.

The only outpoint is they seem to generate a lot of gas. Not sure what it is in them that does that, but it is a price I’m willing to pay - not sure about others though.

Bruce in California

1st December 2011

Working in a holistic dental surgery, we only want the purest and highest quality for our patients. I believe that your products are superior to any other on the market. They are satisfying, nutritious and very tasty. Thanks for sharing your wonderful products with us. By the way, intense desire is wicked!!

Warm regards,

Suzy Michael - BA Comm
Practice Manager
P: (02) 808 44 942

30th November 2011

By the way, thanks for the Intense Desire bars. They are Intensely Delicious!!! I love all your bars and the Peak Performance bars have made a dent in my lack of endurance. Not that I can now leap tall buildings with a single bound, but I’ve noticed that I do get a lot more done since eating a bar a day. (Not bad for a 70 year old!)


Barbara in Sydney

21st June 2011

Hello Tom,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the yummiest bars in the whole flipping world. I knew they were delicious by the way Don and Nataly gnawed on them making all those pleasurable sounds. I found myself also succumbed to making pleasurable sounds. I couldn’t stop at one or two but three was definitely my limit until this afternoon with my arvo cuppa. I’m very impressed Tom. The coconut cranberry and apricot is light and very pleasing to the palate and the Intense Desire is just that, a burst of rich flavorsome goodness that is totally fulfilling. WOW

Ruthi in Queensland

20th June 2011

Dear Tom,

Like most pensioners, I don’t always eat well. It was quite a big thing for me to order some of your products, as for the same amount of money I could have bought many loaves of bread, spaghetti and sauces as well as cans of food.

But I will be a regular customer from now on. Why? because your delicious products satisfy my hunger, taste very good and end up costing me LESS than what I would usually buy.

The Premium Energy Bar is just wonderful. Everything you supplied tastes just great and there was a very good side effect too - I’ve started to sleep through the night and my digestive system is working better.

My seventieth birthday is next month and those benefits just mentioned are huge for me.

Thank you so much for creating these foods which provide so many health benefits and taste just GREAT!


Barbara in Sydney

6th May 2011

“Got your package yesterday the 23rd. WOW! that was fast! I have to tell you that I am impressed with the bars. I at two of the power bars that night .DELICIOUS! I'm SOLD . maybe addicted. :)

I don’t ordinarily eat any kind of nutrition bars due the fact that most of them are stale tasting by the time the consumer gets them.

Your bars have NO such staleness. My girlfriend really loves them also.”

Ralf in Michigan in the USA

25th August 2010

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the Nutrition Booster Bars I tried and purchase at the Gluten Free Expo (have just purchased a kilo of them)!! They’ve been great before and after my morning swim!!”

Kath from Sydney

24th August 2010

“Thanks for making such a great product.”

Tom Singleton, Personal Trainer from Sydney

28th June 2010

“Thanks Tom. Been eating bars every day. It’s like eating peppermint chocolate!”

Rene from Sydney

2nd June 2010

“Just a quick note to let you know, My friend Tom and I went bike racing on the weekend and your nutrition booster bars worked very well.

We raced both days and I only took the bar on the Sunday after racing on the Saturday. Saturday I had another form of energy drink which simply had the opposite affect and I ended up dehydrated due to the appalling taste.

I had more endurance on the Sunday and less fatigue post the race. I only consumed one bar during the race in 3 parts, evenly spaced.

Thanks again. I’ll keep testing and see if I can gather any more data that is useful.”


Gavin from Sydney

23rd March 2010

“The bars were incredible, yes my body luved them thank you very much.”

Erin from a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean

26th February 2010

“I loved the food bars! Not noticing a difference in weight but I feel energised after I eat one.”

Turia from Sydney

17th February 2010

“The best health food bar I have ever had!”

Brad from Sydney

20th January 2010

“The Health Bars seem to be working fine - I’m eating 1 a day as a meal replacement for now. Mainly, to get rid of the midriff that has been catching up on me in the last six months or so. I eat a good breakfast and lunch and then replace the evening meaning with the Health bar. It sustains me very well, and I’m just gradually losing the grams while still feeling like I’m being well nourished.

John from Melbourne

8th January 2010

“Your bars are surprisingly delicious, expect to sell more to me.”

Ben from Parramatta

5th January 2010

“...that health bar was the best thing I’d eaten all year - the one you gave me was the peppermint one, it was deeee-licious. Do you think there’s a way to send them over here?”

Jan in New Zealand

1st January 2010

“Yes, we did get the goodies, it takes about two months to get here (via sea mail) so we will be placing another order soon. The zip lock packaging of the original order holds up better and keeps the moisture in. Other than that, they are still the amazing energy bar you intended. We can not get over how they keep our blood sugars from dropping. We are very busy and sometimes one bar lasts us for 12 hours and we don’t feel wasted.”

Heather (in the USA)

17th December 2009

“I am impressed with the variety of ingredients and like the texture and taste. You definitely have a quality product here.”


23rd September 2009

“I met you and bought a fruit cake at the Gluten Free expo and was telling my mum about your products because she couldn’t attend. She (and I) loved the fruit cake and was interested in your bars so I purchased your intro offer for her via paypal just now.

If they’re as good as the fruit cake we’ll certainly be getting more! Thanks for your great products!”


1st September 2009

“I came to the (Gluten Free Expo) show on the Friday night and mentioned to you that I am managing Chronic Fatigue. At the moment the lethargy is not doing as well as I would like it to be. I saved the bars for when I went to work this week. I would like to say that they helped me get through the days. For me, my energy seems lower in the morning time as there is a lack of fuel in the tank so I had them around 10.00am.

By the way the bars are delicious and really enjoyed them as well. I am going to have to purchase more.

Thanks again.”


27th August 2009

“Rita here... ...I will be popping in to pick up some more devine bars and fruit cake.”

Rita Coletta

7th May 2009

“Tom asked me if I would photograph a variety of health bars and nutritional products for his web site. While doing the photo shoot I got to taste all his delicious bars and cookies. I found them absolutely delectable, delicious and energising.

All the best in your business.”

Bronwyn Challans

19th January 2009

“I must say those cakes and power bars are a hit . .Jessie bought one, liked it and went and bought 2 more, she felt a lot more energy.”

9th January 2009

“Dear Tom,

I just want to let you know that your product has helped me to lose 10 kilos in under 4 weeks and since using it I have lost the tiredness I usually get at lunchtime. Thanks”

6th January 2009

“Man, yours is the best fruit cake I have ever tasted!”

December 2008

“I thought I’d provide some feedback after ordering these bars from Tom just over a week ago.

He radiply shipped them to me in Victoria, and I received them within 2 days after placing the order.

I have had 1 a day since then, taking them to work during the day and to uni at night. Not only do I have something handy when I start getting hungry, but also does it very HEALTHILY kill the hunger and keep it away for hours. No blood sugar jump or plunge. Just a steady feeling of improvement. So I eat no junk food, and I crave none. And I eat less food generally.

My energy has certainly improved too. No 3:30-itis, no slogging through class at night.

I strongly recommend these food bars to anyone needing something healthy and portable and compact.

Thanks to Tom for the great idea. I know it was initially concocted for Cadienne but boy how kind of him to get it out to the rest of us!”

28th November 2008.

“My little boy has 3 balls of your goo (Premium Energy Bar) bar each day at breakfast – each about the size of a malteser. He loves it and – best of all – has slept all night for the past 6 nights. It seemed to take 48 hours to take effect, and since then, we are sleeping like champions over here!! Wow, hey? He usually wakes up at around 3-4am, then eventually goes back to sleep, not any more!! He’s doing 10 hours straight, and sleeping during the day too.”

22th September 2008.

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