Trial Pack of Healthelicious Energy and Nutrition Bars

This is an opportunity for you to try my 6 core and 8 special purpose energy/nutrition bars at the bulk price.
In this trial pack you will receive:

  • Energy Booster Bar
  • Premium Energy Bar
  • Nutrition Booster Bar
  • Peak Nutrition Bar
  • eXtreme Nutrition Bar
  • Bug-Out Bar
  • HiProtein Bar
  • Low FODMAPs Bar
  • MAX Nutrition Bar
  • Marathon Bar
  • Nut-Free Energy Bar
  • NutriBlast Vegan Bar
  • Thin and Satisfied (Weight Loss/Diet/Diabetic) Bar
  • Vegan Bar
  • A single serve of Nutri-Blast Nutrition Powder (if available)

The cost for this Trial Pack is $117 including postage and handling within Australia.

For shipment to other countries, drop me an email for pricing.