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I don’t know if you heard but 22 September 2022 PayPal suspended the accounts of several people they accused of spreading misinformation Straight away a leak revealed proposed new Terms Of Service that permitted them to fine a PayPal account holder US$2,500 for violating their “Acceptable Use Policy”.

As a result of the backlash, PayPal backpedalled furiously but in October 2022 it was reputedly introduced into their “Terms of Service” that they could not only do that but freeze your money in your account for 6 months for spreading what they term as “misinformation”.

PayPal Terms Of Service

I do not know if the new Terms of Service are true or not but the fact that they even thought about it and have suspended accounts not for fraudulent or criminal reasons is cause for concern, for me at least and reputedly for hundreds of thousands of other people who have closed their PayPal accounts.

Based on verifiable data coming to light, the biggest spreaders of misinformation over the last 3 years have been the officials charged with looking after us. I for one find it unconscionable for a commercial enterprise to dictate the acceptability of what I communicate, so, when they do, I look for alternatives and reduce the funding they receive from me.

To that end I have removed from my sites the ability to pay with PayPal and instead have coded the order page on my sites so you can enter the quantities you want of each product, your delivery and contact details and when you click or tap the Send button the server will email that order to me.

I will then generate an invoice (with postage added for physical goods) and my bank details on it. You can choose to
a) make a direct deposit into my bank account or
b) pay through an overseas payment facility, like or
c) pay cash when you collect your order or
d) pay with a credit or debit card or
e) if the only way you can pay is via PayPal I have not yet closed my account.

I hope this meets with your agreement and thank you for your understanding.

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