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Purple Dulse Powder

Purple Dulse, botanical name Palmeria palmata, has been used as food by Northern European coastal peoples for millennia. It has the floowing properties: Alterative (tending to cure or restore to health), Anti-rheumatic, Demulcent (relieves irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth by forming a protective film), Diuretic (increases the rate of urine production of the kidneys thereby alleviating water retention), Emollient (softens or soothes the skin), Expectorant (dissolves thick mucus and is usually used to help relieve respiratory difficulties), Mucilant (absorbs water and forms a gelatinous substance called mucilage which is soothing to mucus membranes), Nutrient, Stimulant, Tonic.

Dulse is very high in iron and many other easily assimilated minerals and trace elements. Maine Coast and Nova Scotia dulse tested high in B6 and B12 vitamins. Although dulse tastes very salty, the Maine Coast dulse tested relatively low in sodium (1740mg/100g) and high in potassium (7820mg/100g).

The nutritional benefits of sea vegetables are astounding. As they grow, they convert inorganic minerals from seawater into organic mineral salts that combine with amino acids and are readily available to the body. They are abundant in calcium, iron, protein, iodine, niacin, thiamin, and vitamins A, C, E, and B12.

Recent research has suggested that Dulse may help reverse hardening of the arteries, reduce high blood pressure, regress and prevent tumors, and even remove toxic metals from our bodies by transforming them into harmless salts (via a substance called alginic acid) that are easily eliminated. They help purify and strengthen the bloodstream by alkalizing it if it is too acidic and reducing any excess stores of fat and mucus.

In addition, Dulse strengthen the intestines, digestive system, liver, pancreas, and sexual organs, enhances mental clarity and awareness and promotes beautiful skin and hair.

Source: The Little Herb Encyclopedia, Jack Ritchason, Ph.D., N.D

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