Healthelicious Muffin Loaf

  • About the Muffin Loaf

    I was visiting a cafe that sells my nutrition bars, talking to the manager. A mutual client approached us and asked if I had thought of making a healthy muffin. He pointed out the ones on the shelf and my first reaction was, “I could make one a lot healthier, but it might be prohibitively expensive!”

    The cafe manager suggested I make a trial batch and he would see how they went. Well they went faster than the $2 chain store ones despite being only half the size and twice the price!

    I wondered how to make them more economical and came up with a banana bread like muffin loaf. One client calls it “cakebread”.

    I have made Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Choclate Chip, Coconut & Raspberry varieties.

  • To Purchase the Muffin Loaf

    Send me an email or call me on 02 9552 3311 to discuss your requirements and see if I have one in stock.

  • Allergen Statement for the Muffin Loaf

    Contains nut flours.

    And like all my products, what I leave out is as important as what I put in:

    No artificial colours Tick
    No artificial flavours Tick
    No artificial fragrances Tick
    No cane sugar Tick
    No excitotoxins Tick
    No flavour enhancers Tick
    No detectable gluten Tick
    No added preservatives Tick
    No trans-fats Tick

  • Image of the Muffin Loaf

    Picture of Muffin Loaf

    This is how I vacuum pack the Muffin Loaf to preserve the freshness of the nutrients for as long as possible.

  • Ingredient List for the Muffin Loaf

    (Click on any hyperlinked ingredient for a data sheet on that ingredient.)

    The ingredients for an individual batch may vary slightly due to seasonal unavailability, crop failure or supplier shortages.

    This data is for the chocolate chip muffin loaf.

    In descending order of quantity used the standard recipe includes:

    * an asterisk after the ingredient name denotes wild crafted or organic.

    This information is current as of 5 January 2017. Batches made before or after this date may be different.

  • Nutrition Information Panel for Muffin Loaf

    This data is for the chocolate chip muffin loaf.

    Portion size: 73 grams
    Nutrient per 73 gram portion per 100g Nutrient per 73 gram portion per 100g
    Energy 960 1315 Protein 7.44 10.19
    Unsaturated Fats 5.22 7.16 Sugars 11.64 15.94
    Saturated Fats 6.61 9.06 Carbohydrates 14.56 19.95
    Medium Chain Triglycerides 4.17 5.71 Fibre 2.34 3.21
    Total Fat 15.77 21.6 Sodium 300.54 411.7

    This information is current as of 14 March 2017, is approximate and average.
    Despite my best efforts at thoroughly mixing the ingredients, the actual values can vary from slice to slice.

  • Mineral & Vitamin Content for Muffin Loaf

    % of Recommended Daily Intake For
    Nutrient Men Women
    Energy 7 11
    Protein 13 15
    Total Fat 6 7
    Carbohydrates 7 9
    Fibre 8 9
    Calcium 3 2
    Copper 10 15
    Iron 18 18
    Manganese 7 8
    Magnesium 8 8
    Phosphorus 7 7
    Potassium 3 4
    Selenium 9 10
    Sodium over 30 over 30
    Zinc 4 6
    Vitamin A 3 4
    Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 3 4
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 7 11
    Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 2 2
    Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 6 6
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2 3
    Vitamin B7 (Biotin) 5 7
    Vitamin B8 (Inositol) 0 0
    Vitamin B9 (as Folate and/or Folic Acid) 3 3
    Vitamin B12 9 9
    Choline 8 11
    Betaine 0 0
    Vitamin C 0 0
    Vitamin D3 over 30 over 30
    Vitamin E 14 20
    Vitamin K 1 1

    This information is approximate and average.

  • Testimonials for the Muffin Loaf

    They are coming soon. Just got to get the other product pages up in this new format then I will trawl through my emails to get a testimonial for each product.

    Thanks for your patience!