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Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper increases the efficacy of herbs & nutritional intake? Cayenne is also a magical helper for endless ailments; mood, circulation, sore throat, anti-microbial, pain, inflammation, brain fog, and can stop bleeding from a wound within seconds by sprinkling on the wound. Daily intake of cayenne (1/5 tsp or so in water or tea 2x a day avg) has transformed many people's lives and you can feel its energy within your body within minutes of taking it. Get pain-free with cayenne pepper!

Also helps with weight loss

Unverified from facebook postI have never had to argue for the use of herbs and spices so this is not a well reasoned or sequential argument. But here goes.

Every food ingredient you eat (fruit, vegetable,seed, nut, herb, spice, meat, fish, fowl or grain) has an effect on the body, good or bad. So every food ingredient has medicinal properties.

For instance broccoli and chicken both have strong anti-cancer effects. Taken together their anti-cancer effect is 13 times more effective! Similar with the salmon, walnuts and watercress combination.

I had a doctor tell me once that nobody should ever eat anything without a doctor’s approval. He had obviously seen enough damage done by poor eating habits to want to take control away from the individual. And society is still heading down that destructive path.

Then I read about the beneficial effect that curcumins in turmeric are responsible for - a much lower cancer rate in southern India, the fact that black and cayenne pepper increases the absorption of other nutrients and many other datums such as these too numerous to list here I must confess to holding a viewpoint that herbs and spices are simply more potent or concentrated foods than foods.

I agree that most people are almost completely ill informed as to the ramifications, good and bad, of their food choices. So I consider nutritional training should be more extensive and more widespread for all people.

Re ADHD, the “natural childhood behaviour” that our son manifested was handled with better diet (no sugar, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives) and better study techniques that are not taught in normal schools. When he was in preschool, if he passed by a word he did not understand in class he would start sliding under the desk. Most teachers are taught to train in illiteracy rather than making sure every kid fully understand every word used in the curriculum. It is a crime against children to drug them rather than properly feed and educate them. Period.

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