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This product takes the top taste honours at Healthelicious. After the Mind Body Spirit Festival in November 2011 I had some samples left over of the Coconut, Apricot and Cranberry Slice and some Nut Slice crumbs. I finished eating the samples and there was some coconut left over. Not wanting to waste it I mixed it in with the Nut Slice crumbs and the taste was sensational!

So I made a batch of Nut Slices with added coconut. One taste tester suggested I add chocolate to it. Melting the chocolate and pasting it over the top was too time consuming to be commercially viable so I wondered how adding chocolate chips to the mix would work out. I tried a batch to see if they would stay intact like they do in a chocolate chip muffin. Epic fail! They completely melted through the mix.

But with this failure of mine you are the winner - the taste is nothing short of spectacular! More than one person have claimed it is better than chocolate. And it has less than half the sugar of the chocolate I was occasionally buying. It:

  • has no cane sugar (coconut palm sugar has a GI of 35)
  • tastes sensational, especially for those with a sweet tooth
  • has no added colours, flavours, preservatives or excitotoxins
  • is satisfying
  • does not leave you with that addictive\compulsive\craving more feeling

Each slice is at least 50 grams.

Ingredient List for the ChocoNut Slice

And what I DON’T put in my products is as important as what I do include:

No artificial colours Tick
No artificial fragrances Tick
No artificial sweeteners Tick
No cane sugar Tick
No excitotoxins Tick
No fillers Tick
No flavour enhancers Tick
No detectable gluten Tick
No added preservatives Tick
No high fructose corn syrup Tick
No trans-fats Tick